How to Choose Your First Beat Making Software

Are you in a dilema where you don’t know what beat making software to use as your first software? You should always aim for a software that satisfies your needs and not buy blindfolded.

Since music technology is advancing and is improving the beat making business, the market is now flooded with hundreds of types of beat making software. You might find from free, to pieces that cost well over a thousand bucks.

What you are looking for is to have the ability to make professional beats that are unique that hopefully will play in the club someday and of course beats that will make you money.

If you go in the direction in getting a free software, it is more likely you will get very low quality sounds, on the other hand you do not need 500 bucks or more to get a software as there are excellent option for under $60 bucks. Remember that not always the price tag is the best indicator of how good the software is.

Whatever software you choose, remember to read the features and the most important feature to me is to export your music in high quality 44.1 WAV format, and of course the samples in the libraries should be in this format as well and not MP3.

J Longoria


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