Dr. Drum vs. DUBTurbo – Beat Making Software Comparisson

If you are like me and want to polish your musical attributes and start creating your own beats then it is most likely that you are in a “hunting frenzy” of finding a beat making software.

The best thing about beat making software is that you con produce your own music in your own home without the need on spending a lot of money for equipment, renting a studio or whatever it takes to produce high quality beats.

When time progresses, technology is one step ahead meaning that beat making software is available at very affordable prices. Now, this is great news for some of us that don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to start making beats, but the problem is that there are a lot of beat making software in the market all stating that they are the best of the best. If you are just starting out creating beats how would you know what to buy and what to expect in the software.

Out of hundreds of beat making software, I will be comparing 2 well known affordable softwares: Dr. Drum and DubTurbo.

When I first starting using both softwares, what I found is that both have quality features in common that are what people are aiming for. Both offer a 16 track sequencer and a 12 pad drum machine.

Both softwares include excellent video tutorials so that you can get started making beats in no time, both softwares have a library full of  high quality professional WAV 44.1 KHz samples, which is the industry standard. So if both beat making softwares have almost the same specs, how can one possibly pick the right for them?

If you are a just exploring the opportunity in starting to create beats, the most important thing you should consider is definitely the ease of use. This is where I consider that Dr Drum is just a little bit on top of DubTurbo.

Both softwares can be purchased for under $40 bucks.

I recommend reading about Dr. Drum and DubTurbo so you can compare the sounds both produce and of course the feautres each one offers, either software you pick, you will not regret the decision.




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