How to Chose the Right Beat Software for Professional Beat Making

Did you know that now a days it is very possible to create professional beats from your own home?

Many people all over the world are making beats and not only that, but they are making a living out of it.

Ten years ago you needed thousands of dollars invested in equipment to make professional beats, now a days not only are people making professional sounds but they are also selling their work on the internet to make some extra money. Beat making software has gone a long way since then, and you can become a success even if you do not have prior experience in the industry.

With such a plethora of beat making softwares out there, you should definitely choose one with the right features in order for you to make professional sounding beats.

The most important feature you need to look our for is the output. It NEEDS to be in high quality. The quality should be 16.1 stereo WAV format, which is the industry standard. A lot of beat makers available in the market today, only offer samples in MP3 format.

Don’t get me wrong, MP3 is fantastic for personal use because the file is compressed, which means the size is smaller so you can have more music in mp3 players, computers or phone.

However, this compression result in a loss of quality and it is not noticeable on a personal player, but when you want to step up your game and want to sell your beats to other professionals or you want your beats played in clubs or in radios, MP3 is just not good enough.


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