Beat Production Software: 3 Things to Look For

A Beat Production Software enables you to create amazing beats just like a professional producer. Since technology has improved the beat making software business, there are softwares available at very affordable prices.

Since I personally have tried a diverse amount of beat making softwares, I can say that not all of them are created as equals, so you better make sure that you have chosen a software with the following features:

  1. Samples in High Quality – Unfortunately not all people can afford the necessary equipment to record their own samples or have a recording studio when starting out. If you want to create professionally sounded beats, make sure the samples that the software has, are of high quality. A lot of beat production softwares have only MP3 quality samples and as you might know, this are compressed audio files which lowers the quality. What you are aiming for is 44.1 WAV which is the standard quality the industry uses.
  2. Quality Support – Does the beat maker you have in mind is well supported? Does it come with a simple instruction manual or tutorials? Based on my experience, you would want video tutorials taking you by the hand on each and every feature the software offers.
  3. Friendly Interface – No matter how many tutorials you read or view, you will get frustrated if the software is too complicated to operate and thus, you wont be able to create any beats. The idea is for you to start making beats the moment you install the software and not weeks or months later.

If you are looking for just the right software which combines the 3 features mentioned above and above all has an affordable price tag, then I would recommend you reading about Dr Drum and DubTurbo.

J Longoria


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