How to Distribute Your Own Music

It is no secret that every musician out there is looking for the most effective way to distribute their own music and to get known. Now Imagine a service where with one click you can distribute your own music to 19 top rated digital stores? TuneCore is a low, flat fee service that distributes anyone’s … Continue reading

How to Choose Your First Beat Making Software

Are you in a dilema where you don’t know what beat making software to use as your first software? You should always aim for a software that satisfies your needs and not buy blindfolded. Since music technology is advancing and is improving the beat making business, the market is now flooded with hundreds of types of … Continue reading

Beat Production Software: 3 Things to Look For

A Beat Production Software enables you to create amazing beats just like a professional producer. Since technology has improved the beat making software business, there are softwares available at very affordable prices. Since I personally have tried a diverse amount of beat making softwares, I can say that not all of them are created as … Continue reading

How To Make Music Online

If you are an individual that has a main interest in electronic music and urban beats, I am guessing that you have that little thing called creativity and you want to take it to the full potential making your own music online. If you have been searching for a while on how to make your own … Continue reading